‘Bloodshot’ Review: Vin Diesel’s Comic-Book Movie Is a Delightfully Asinine Distraction

Posted 2020/04/22 262 0

Built around a comic-book hero created in 1992, Dave Wilson’s Valiant Comics adaptation “Bloodshot” is a throwback actioner that likely would have killed in the late ’90s, but now feels every inch the product of that era’s humor and innovation. In a rapidly changing world, however, that might not be a bad thing.

Vin Diesel stars as the eponymous super-soldier in a film that was released in theaters in the midst of a global pandemic, and smartly made the pivot to VOD release mere days later. While never poised to be a box-office hit, there’s something to be said for piping the delightfully asinine and needlessly convoluted feature into people’s homes when entertainment is more essential than ever.

In that context, the whole thing kind of works. Bursting with both the lighting schemes and emotional depth of a Michael Bay film, “Bloodshot” is the kind of cinematic distraction that suddenly seems, if not necessary, wholly welcome. It’s the kind of a film where a bad guy goes “arrrggggh” after being shot repeatedly, as if grievous bodily harm was no worse than a mild case of food poisoning, the sort of film where a horny Vin Diesel rips off his shirt and declares that his hot wife is the reason why he fights for America, goddammit. It’s the kind of film where those things happen within the first five minutes, and it only gets sillier from there.

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